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9 days left

7 Apr

I know, I know, we haven’t blogged in a while. I can’t say we have great excuses but working lots and exhaustion seem to be the most credible right now.

OK, quick catch up – my lovely wife is 37.75 weeks pregnant today and we have just 9 days left until our due date. but as most of ya’ll know – they could arrive any time between now and three weeks time. lately we’ve been more keen than ever to know who is in there. do they have hair? will their eyes be green like ours? will they love softball and music and painting? will they be cheeky or shy? most importantly, will they love nacho sunday as much as we do??? I sure hope so…

shan has been feeling really, really good. especially this last week since finishing work. after spending two days doing nothing but watch tv and sleep, she was like a new person. all refreshed and ready to take on labour. As the week has progressed her back has started to hurt a bit and her hands and feet are still swelling, but nowhere near as bad as when she was sitting at her desk all day.

so yeah, the last few weeks have been really busy:

civially unionised

the Civil Unions Bill was passed in Queensland and on February 23 Shan and I were the 8th couple to register our relationship. We got to do a few pieces of media which we both enjoy. my background in PR and media relations makes dealing with the media an easy task for us, so when we get the opportunity to speak out on behalf of GLBT people and families, we take it.

civil union, queensland, australia, same-sex marriage

our civil union article in the courier mail

In the lead up to the Qld state election, we were invited to attend and speak at a breakfast organised by the Qld Council of Unions. The QCU has taken a very strong stance on the marriage equality debate and we were very honoured to be involved. they made this little video:

The LNP has since won the state election and one of their election promises was to repeal the civil unions bill, if it is possible. we’re very much hoping it is not possible. We interviewed for an article with the largest newspaper in the state a few weeks ago and that feature will run in about 3 weeks. we’ll have a son or daughter by then 🙂

+1 photos

our friend, kristen, offered to take some us+1 photos. i take so many pictures of Shan that we hadn’t really considered getting professional photos done, but I am so glad we did! Below is a sneak peek, but you can check them all out here: http://paperfoxstudio.com/blog/portraits/suzanne-shannon/ or check out the awesome slideshow: http://paperfoxstudio.com/slideshows/suzanne-shannon/

civil union, queensland, lesbian mum, lesbian photoshoot, lesbian love

love, love, love - our +1 photoshoot 🙂


in case you didn’t hear – my softball team won our GRAND FINAL!!! it was pretty much the greatest day ever! Not only because we won but we hadn’t beat the other 3 teams in the final all year, we only got into the finals by 0.39 points AND because I hit my first home run. We were down by 8 when we went up to bat at the bottom of the 1st and the first two runners got out. I was third batter and, well, this is what happened: grand final softball home run. We ended up winning 16-12 in 2hours/6 innings.

the winners! Redcliffe PCYC Women's B Grade 2012 softball champs!

the winners! Redcliffe PCYC Women's B Grade 2012 softball champs!

baby stuff

We’ve been busy getting the final few things ready for bub’s arrival. the room is now fully stocked with stuffed animals, disposable nappies (for the first few weeks), and last weekend shan and I built a bookcase/toy drawer from scratch. we settled on a design the night before, hit up Bunnings in the morning and got started Saturday afternoon. It took a day and a half and cost about $150 in materials. I think we did pretty damn well!

Well, I guess that’s us caught up. I’m sure my wife will remind me of something i’ve missed right after i finish so i might be updating again tomorrow 🙂

Zanne x



29 Jan

it’s funny how when people stop asking you how old you are, how old you are stops being an issue. when you’re not dating, or trying to get into clubs, or making small talk with newly-met people your age never comes up.

i turned 29 three days ago and it was very much a non-event. i had a very lovely day with my wife but the ‘turning another year older’ thing was really not an issue. not that i’ve ever made a ‘by the time i’m 30 i want to be…’ list, but life is pretty much as perfect as it could be at 29. i have a wonderful wife, we have a fantastic home which we own, we have a great car, i have a career i love and in just 11 more weeks our home will welcome a little one and our family will be perfect. this was a great year and i look forward to the next.

birthday breakfast 1 - home made lamington and mocha @ Thread and Seed
birthday breakfast 1 – home made lamington and mocha @ Thread and Seed
my lovely lady at @ The Sugar Deli
my lovely lady at @ The Sugar Deli
birthday breakfast 2 @ The Sugar Deli
birthday breakfast 2 @ The Sugar Deli
birthday burger and beer
birthday beer @ Ya Ya Bar
Australia Day lamb burger and chicken pesto @ Ya Ya Bar
Australia Day lamb burger and chicken pesto @ Ya Ya Bar
birthday dessert - homemade mouse with strawberries and cream
birthday dessert – homemade mouse with strawberries and cream

— zanne

28 April 2011 – course

2 May

I’ve been out of the office today completing the second half of a training course. Here is the view from my lunch time walk – a gorgeous overcast day in South Brisbane.

Unfortunately, my memory of this course (which is a fantastic work opportunity – more on that later) will forever include a homophobic cop who frequently spoke of “poofters”, “pen pushing arseholes” and his metabolic age being 21. Stangely, he had a pink iphone case.