she will be loved – from zanne

28 Apr

so in case you missed it on facebook, twitter, instagram or from our mouths as we screamed it from the rooftops – WE HAVE A DAUGHTER!

our beautiful, delicious, totally scrumptious baby girl arrived on monday morning all healthy and happy. she is just… perfection.  i know all parents gush and now i understand why – the love is overwhelming. it’s like you need to gush just to get a little bit of the love out to make room for more. but then gushing just reminds you how much you love them and your heart is filled all over again. it’s a rather delightful cycle.

my incredible wife went into labour at 12.30am sunday and quin suzie michaels came into our world at 8.30am on monday. yep, that’s more than 30 hours of labour. i won’t go into all the details but it was a tough 32 hours that included a day at home, a drive to the hospital, gas, a morphine shot that did nothing for the pain but did make shan completely delirious, and about 4 hours of “you’re so close!” before the doctor checked again and finally gave shan an epidural. she had been 8cm dilated for those 4 hours and her cervix was bruised from bub trying to come down. after the epidural and another 4 hours of interrupted rest and consistent contractions, shan was still only 8cm dilated and a c-section was the only solution. mum and bub were still healthy and fine, but the concensus was we just weren’t going to get any further dilated.

so at about 7.30am we headed down to theatre. we talked through the nervousness, asking ourselves just one last time who we thought was in there – little boy or little girl. and then we heard the first cries of our little one. tears sprung to my eyes as soon as i heard it. All i could think was “they’re finally here.” when they hadn’t announced the sex right away our midwife said, “well, what do we have?” and a doctor replied “oh, it’s a girl!”

we were totally flawed – we had a daughter! shan said “i can’t believe you knew all along!” and we kissed and took deep breathes waiting or the moment we got to see her.  she had pooped in the womb and had to be checked over by the pedeatric doctor right away but she was very quickly given the all clear. i cut the chord and she was placed her on shan’s chest so we could talk to and kiss her for the first time. after 10 minutes of touching shan was exhausted and the doctor told her to have a sleep. so quin and i left her mummy and went to wait for her in recovery. i was able to get a sneaky ‘baby girl!’ text out to all our family and we made eyes at each other until we could all be together again.

despite all the cables and monitors, shan and quin got to cuddle and get some really nice skin-to-skin time. we moved back up to the ward and quin met shan’s folks before we were left alone to spend hours with our little one just being together as a family.

after two days in hospital shan was allowed to come home. we’ve now been home three nights together and each one is getting easier. shan’s milk has come through, quin is drinking like crazy and already it looks like she’s growing. we find ourselves staring at her endlessly and í’ve taken more than 400 photos of her. i just can’t help it.

mamahood is just as good as everyone says. i’m so grateful we got to fall pregnant and now i’m so grateful we’ve been able to welcome a very happy and healthy daughter into our family. she will be so loved.


3 Responses to “she will be loved – from zanne”

  1. Doreen April 28, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    such a lovely post…in tears now…happy tears..can’t wait to meet Quin..and give you both big hugs..lots and lots of love.

  2. tattoomummy (@tattoomummy) May 3, 2012 at 11:27 am #

    Oh this made me teary!
    I missed the announcement because my internet is down at the moment, I’ve been trying to have a look at every chance I got! And now you have a gorgeous baby girl. I love her name and you are all so beautiful. Ohhhh I’m going to get teary again. I’m so happpy for you. xxx

  3. sarmarog June 6, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    From a random reader, wow congratulations. She is beautiful.

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