32 weeks – her fat!

22 Feb

It has been a long time between posts. What can I say, life is busy and I am tired. So here is my catch-up post that includes some highlights of the past few weeks…

Last month we began decorating ourtinydancer’s room. Zanne spent hours on every vinyl branch, leaf and bird and the results are awesome if you ask me. Interestingly, Zanne put a photo on facebook of the finished wall and she received a few comments along the lines of “I see a lot of blue, must be a boy”. Firstly, we don’t know what sex our baby is and are not planning either way. Secondly, why can’t girls have blue in their room? We like blue, so we chose blue. I predict many discussions about gender stereotyping in the future 😉

I began making bibs for ourtinydancer, ten bibs to be exact. To be even more exact only one is finished. The bias binding for the edge of the bibs is proving very fiddly which has put me off a bit. Not to worry, I will get them all done soon enough.

At 30 weeks preggo, we had our 3D scan done at Precious Previews. It was a wonderful experience, we got to see tiny in real time for about half an hour. It turns out babies do all sorts of things in utero, for instance suck on their toes and their umbilical cord, poke out their tongue and open their eyes. It’s so weird to think of that stuff happening on a daily basis in my belly(!).

As you can see below I’m getting lovely and round now. So round that today I had to take off my wedding ring (the roundness is spreading from belly to beyond!). So round that when my Mum mentioned “Aunty Shan having a baby” to my 3 year old nephew Noah he quickly replied “her fat!” Now don’t worry, his mother went on to explain about a baby being in my belly and he is generally a sweet boy who certainly doesn’t go around telling people they’re fat – he just has no idea about this baby business. And fair enough, cos he’s 3. In any case, we all find the “her fat” comment most amusing and it has become quite the catch phrase ‘round our place. “Sweetie, can you XYZ?” “No sorry, her fat”. It’s hilarious, trust me.

So today I am 32 weeks pregnant. Only 8 weeks to go until we meet our beautiful little one – woohoo! We’re both so excited to meet them, and tear up when we think about the first time we see them. I wonder if they’ll have hair? I wonder if they really do have my nose? I wonder if they are a giant baby, which is what I’ve predicted all along? Oh, and of course, I wonder if they’re a boy or a girl? Only time will tell!

I’m still feeling well and have no physical complaints. I’ve not been loving the heat recently though and I’m starting to feel pretty tired again. I’ve been occupying my headspace with various lists:  what to pack in the hospital bag, what we still need for bub, what house projects we still need to finish (there’s only a few now!), what we need to do by the end of the week because our babyshower is this weekend, etc. So on the one hand I feel grateful that there is still 8ish weeks to go because we have a few things to do yet, on the other hand, well, the above paragraph covers the other hand.

I’ve started visiting the midwife clinic more frequently now and last Saturday we finished our ante natal classes. The classes were pretty good, although I didn’t really learn anything new. I’ve been going to pregnancy yoga regularly since my second trimester and it turns out that what we’ve covered in class and what I’ve read in books loaned from the class have me feeling quite prepared. Of course, I realise no-one can be totally prepared for all those unexpected things that might happen, but you know what I mean. It was great to have a tour of the birth suite and maternity ward though and to be told practical things like how to get into the hospital after hours when the front doors are locked – very handy to know!

Unfortunately we had a slight issue at last Saturday’s class. As it was a large class the group was split in two and we were placed with a new midwife. She opened by asking all “the boys” how they felt about the upcoming labour.  She asked what “the boys” expected and told the girls how “their man” may act or where “the husbands” may stand during the birth or how “the fathers” may feel. This continued throughout the entire morning. At no point did she use the word “partner”. Everything was “girls and boys” spoken as though there is no alternative. She engaged “the boys” in conversation, even addressing a number of them by name.  It was not a question of her not seeing us because, as the only couple in the front row, she could not have missed us.

By the mid-morning break we were so frustrated we discussed leaving and going home. However, we knew it was in the best interest of us and our baby to stay so we spent the remainder of class in our original midwife’s room. She is a lovely, inclusive midwife who addressed all attendees in the class, taking into account individual circumstances. We voiced our concerns to her about feeling excluded in the other group and Zanne has since written to the hospital.

Thankfully, so far, Saturday’s new midwife has been the only negative experience we’ve had at our hospital. Fingers crossed there’s no dramas at our birth – I choose to think positively and say that there won’t be.

Peace out x


One Response to “32 weeks – her fat!”

  1. Gem February 22, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    I love your blog! I’ve read it through my ivf journey, it’s given me hope & We’ve recently found out our first attempt has been successful! I wish you all the best for your birth 🙂

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