Twenty six weeks – woah, you’ve gotten so big!

11 Jan

bigwords’ recent post, The Pregnant Body, was a very timely one for me. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been worrying or anxious about my pregnancy weight, but recently I’ve been given cause to pause and reflect. I can’t say that I’ve ever reflected much on my weight so this is new, and I can’t say I like it. In fact it makes me feel a little bit flat (note the “L”) and a little bit lame – because why am I letting this stuff enter my head?!

It all began before Christmas when I had my first Doctor appointment at our hospital. I was 22 weeks pregnant and the Doc gave me a talking to about my weight and about “not sitting around eating junk food and drinking milkshakes” without so much as a query about my diet or exercise. I left the appointment feeling unsettled and offended and justifying my weight, height, diet and exercise to myself on and off for days. If only I had said to the Doc: “Biatch, I haven’t had a milkshake since childhood cos they don’t agree with me”. But of course I didn’t because I a) was feeling embarrassed and b) don’t talk like that.

Since Christmas my belly has really popped and looks totally awesome if you ask me, however comments around the place seem to mostly include: “Woah, you’ve gotten so big!” or “You’ve still got 3 months to go? Geez, you’re gonna be huuuge by the end!” or “You’re really looking pregnant now”. There has been no mention of the awesomeness I feel. Although some people have said “you’re looking well” which, as I understand it, is a polite way of saying you’ve put on weight. When I returned to work after the holidays I was a bit overwhelmed by these comments until I realised d’uh I’m 6 months pregnant! Of course I’m big, bigger, looking pregnant, etc.

I think my sensitivity to these comments is mostly due to never having experienced people comment on my weight before, and also feeling like public property (to quote norfickchick’s comment). It probably doesn’t help that my workmate (who is due in exactly the same week as me), as well as most of my yoga classmates, are quite slim with only tiny baby bumps so I only have skinny preggos to compare myself to (I know, I shouldn’t be comparing).

Here’s the thing though – the very important thing – I love my baby belly, as does my wife. And both me and ourtinydancer are healthy! So now that this post is up, I’m not thinking about this stupid stuff anymore. Pregnancy was a dream, and now I’m living it (which is amazing!). Nothing’s gonna bring me down, man. All I’m gonna do is continue to focus on my health and our baby’s health, continue to be concerned with eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water each day, and continue to be happy and in love.

Peace out x


A post for another day: Now that I’m clearly pregnant, I wonder what people think when they see Zanne and I holding hands? Not that I care what they think, but I catch people looking at us as if they’re trying to process us. I wonder how many people think I left my husband to be with my lesbian lover and how many would guess the true situation?


2 Responses to “Twenty six weeks – woah, you’ve gotten so big!”

  1. Bree January 12, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    Good on you – I LOVED being pregnant both times as I truly felt comfortable in my body. As a size 14 normally I felt like I blossomed as my belly grew.

    And don’t bother making comparisons, all babies and bellies and mum’s grow at different rates in different places. You might find you have a growth spurt for a couple of weeks and then don’t feel like you grow at all for a few weeks. And it all depends where bub is ‘sitting’ too as to how far out your tum sticks.

    Just chill and enjoy the ride!

  2. Kristin @ MondaysWithMac February 10, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    Health care providers can be so ridiculous about weight at times. Glad the baby is healthy and you look fantastic!

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