Twenty five weeks – images from our holiday break

6 Jan

Happy new year everyone! I can’t believe Christmas is over, 2012 is here and Zanne and I are already back at work – time flies when you’re trying to finish renovating your house before your baby arrives!

Our break was wonderful – both relaxing and productive. Christmas this year involved a wacky family photo shoot, lots of baking, and our fourth special tree ornament. Each December we buy an ornament for our tree that represents a significant event from that year – as you will see in the photo below this (last?) year’s decoration was a little knitted bootie, handmade by Zanne’s Nan. Adorable.

We did loads of work on our house over the break – when I say “we” I really mean Zanne, I mostly fetched tools and did quality control. Zanne tiled our entire kitchen (floor and splashbacks) all by herself! It looks so fantastic that I keep catching myself staring at it. Weird, I know. We only have a few more projects to complete on our house before our renovation is complete. It’s taken 18 months so far but it has always felt like home so we know all our efforts have been totally worthwhile. This weekend we’re hoping to make a start on ourtinydancer’s  bedroom – exciting!

In between Christmas and diy-ing we also went to the Woodford Folk Festival, where we purchased tie dyed items and saw Xavier Rudd perform under the stars. I love that place and it gave us an idea for our baby shower – a rainbow shower involving everyone tie dying baby clothing. How cool will that be?! A post will follow, the shower is scheduled for February.

So clearly it was quite the busy break (a break that saw my belly pop!). I’ve posted loads of photos below – enjoy x


2 Responses to “Twenty five weeks – images from our holiday break”

  1. tattoomummy January 8, 2012 at 8:04 am #

    Look at your baby belly! x

  2. ourtinydancer January 11, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    I know, right? I’m loving it!

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