Twenty two weeks and a bit – offended

16 Dec

Yesterday I had my first appointment with a Doctor at the hospital. Everything was fine except the lengthy talking to I got from her about being overweight. Granted, when I fell pregnant I was 5 kilos overweight but I don’t think I deserved such comments as: “stop lying around, get moving”, “stop eating junk food and drinking milkshakes”, “if you keep going, before you know it you’ll be 30kgs overweight”. I’m sure she didn’t believe me when I told her that I, in fact, don’t eat junk food, try to eat a balanced diet, drink loads of water every day, have been going to water aerobics and yoga and don’t believe I will be putting on 30kgs. I left the hospital visit feeling obese, today I just feel offended. Stupid skinny European Doctor!

Speaking of offended, we caught up with a friend of mine for dinner a couple of nights ago. I’ve known this friend since high school, we go way back. Somehow my friend managed to sit with us for hours without mentioning my pregnancy once, she didn’t even ask how I’ve been feeling(!). Even when Zanne or I referenced the pregnancy in conversation (my growing belly, peeing thousands of times a day now, etc) my friend managed to change the subject. Now, I understand that some people are not into babies (though I don’t believe this is the case in this situation) but even those people generally ask a few polite questions, for instance: “how’s everything going – are you and the baby well?” I had dinner with her a few weeks ago and the same thing happened then. She has obviously forgotten what little tolerance I have for poor form in friendships.

Not to worry, today is my last day of work until 3 January and Zanne and I are off to the Bunya Mountains to camp for two nights. Wish me luck with the night time peeing, people!


4 Responses to “Twenty two weeks and a bit – offended”

  1. Bree December 16, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    I had my best friend tell me that ‘obese people take longer to get pregnant’, I am a little overweight but by no means obese, and at the time it took us 2 months to get pregnant. And having just had bub no 2 – I only gained 5kgs throughout the whole thing, the weight just transferred from me to the bub. All the skinny people I know who have had babies gain way more weight cause they don’t have any supplies to give to the baby. As with everything in life at every stage in life – Moderation is the Key!

  2. faeriesaerie December 16, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Pfft obese… Where?? We stopped counting when I had put on 30kg in my second pregnancy & I still was pregnant for another 3.5 weeks after that!!

    • ourtinydancer January 11, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

      Yeah, that Doc was a bit of a douche – hope I don’t have to see her again!!

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