Twenty weeks – “bump” day

30 Nov

As of Monday I am now more than halfway along in my pregnancy(!) – which my workmate cutely called “bump day”. We can’t believe how quickly the last few months have gone, which has made us realise how quickly our baby will be here and in our arms (eeeee!). Also, having to submit my parental leave and return to work plans to my employer made me feel very parent-y – it certainly feels odd to be discussing child care while tiny is still in utero.

To celebrate this fantastic milestone I surprised Zanne with tickets to the Spicks and Speck-tacular stage show (actually it was a total coincidence but I’m going to pretend it was all planned). We are avid viewers of Spicks and Specks, not to mention lame question-attempters, so Zanne was very stoked. It was a fabulous show right from the get-go, and by get-go I refer to the musical number which included Alan, Adam and Myf in leotards, singing and dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Hopefully I didn’t just spoil the show for all you people out there in internet-land… I’ll say no more except that it was incredibly funny and totally worth the late night. When I say late night I mean 10pm, but that is very late for this usually-asleep-by-8pm-since-pregnant lady.

In other much sportier news, Zanne and I started water aerobics last Sunday. We joined because it’s a low impact exercise that I can do without worry while I’m pregnant but, I’ll be honest, we both thought it might be a bit lame. Holy moly were we wrong – we had a great time! We essentially jumped around in the water for an hour, while listening to music and laughing constantly. It was rad. The average age of participants was as we expected (70ish) but they were lovely and inviting and were excited that we had enjoyed ourselves. I can’t wait to go back this Sunday! Considering I also started pregnancy yoga recently (post to follow) and Zanne plays softball every week we’re suddenly a sporty little family. How funny.


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