Nineteen weeks – 1, 2, skip a few

25 Nov

Before I begin this week’s post, first let me boast that yesterday I received my pre-ordered copy of Tegan and Sara’s new cd/dvd Get Along. My boss is not in today so you better believe I’ve had their cd cranked and on repeat. Their music has been the soundtrack to so many incredible periods in my life – coming out, travelling, falling in love, and now pregnancy. I’m going to pipe their music through my belly button to the little one – seriously. Just as soon as their ears are fully developed.

Anyways, this week we had our first appointment at the hospital wahoo! We haven’t needed to visit them up until now as we were under the care of our Fertility Doc during our first trimester. We were under the impression that we were off the hospital to have our second big scan – what gave us this impression? Well, the phone call 8 weeks ago from the ante-natal clinic who said they couldn’t fit us in for our 12 week scan (so we had to arrange it privately) but could book us in for our scan at 19 weeks was a major part of it (or the whole part really). It turns out though that we weren’t booked in for a scan but a 2 hour “midwife interview” instead. Hmm. Not to worry, the appointment went very well and the staff we met were lovely. The two major things happened at the appointment:

1.  It was decided that our due date would be the date predicted by our 12 week scan, not by our Fertility Doc. Therefore we are a week ahead and now due on 16 April 2012; and

2.  Very importantly the midwife measured my height and it was discovered that I am in fact 3cm shorter than I have believed since getting my licence at 17. This makes me seriously, seriously short, people – I’m not even 160cm!! I’m now quite certain our children will be grateful that we chose a tall donor.

Due to the appointment mix up we had to arrange another private scan, which we were lucky enough to schedule for the following day. Not so lucky for me though, the clinic was 40 minutes late seeing us which meant I NEEDED TO PEE, MAN! I was allowed to pee for a couple seconds before the scan but had to hold the rest – torture. The scan lasted a good hour and a half and we got some great images of ourtinydancer. We haven’t stopped smiling since.

We want the sex of our baby to remain a surprise so we are none-the-wiser after our scan. Although we were quite prepared for tiny to play a joke on us and present themselves to us spreadeagled – but that didn’t happen.

At the end of all our medical appointments we’re now scheduled to attend birthing classes in February and a breastfeeding class in March – after booking these the phrase “shit just got real” flashed through my brain. Real and awesome of course.

Health-wise tiny and I are both great. My major worries these days include getting enough sleep and always remaining close to a bathroom to account for my constant peeing. There were a few days last week where I felt overwhelmed by life/work but I managed to hold myself together and there were no public tears. Public emotion is not my favourite – which is funny because I’m predicting once this baby comes there will be tears flying back and forth between us two Mums. Zanne and I have come to the conclusion that two Mums = maximum femotion.

Speaking of two Mums, here we are on our way to my work Christmas party last Friday. We look gooooooood.

My love has an interview today for a permanent (and higher level) role at her workplace so wish her luck, peeps!

Peace out!



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