An update from the other belly in the house: 17.5 weeks

15 Nov

So it’s safe to say the baby definitely loves me and knows I’m there, even though it is yet to form ears and eyes. Here are two examples…

Example one:

The other night, sitting on the couch, I was serenading Shan with “can’t take my eyes off of you” and right in the middle of the song, the baby moved. So not only does it know I’m here, it loves my singing and was attempting to dance. Why is this so great? While not being particularly great at either, I love to dance and sing and when our baby comes we will be dancing and singing A LOT.

Example two:

Last night, once again sitting on the couch (I swear we totally do non-couch stuff all the time!!), I was showing Shan a picture of a friend’s new baby on my phone and our baby really moved. Like moved more than it ever has before. Which says to me that not only does the baby know I’m here, it is totally jealous of any other baby I might even look at or talk about. I get the hint baby – it’s all about you! Jeez.

Other than the movement and the growing, the baby hasn’t been causing us any grief. Shan is feeling good and looking rotund-erful. She’s still tired but that probably has more to do with the broken sleep she’s now subjected to everynight given the baby’s new favourite activity – sitting on her bladder. Oh yeah, baby likes to sit nice and good.

I’m feeling good too, just hanging to meet our little champ. Starting a new job should have been a good way to keep my mind off the baby during the day, except I work for the Early Childhood Education area within the government now and we’re talking about children constantly. Plus I’m now coaching the rookie-ball team at softball and watching 5-11 years olds play is just ADORABLE. Plus, when you’ve got gorgeous boofhead nephews like this, how can you be anything but totally stoked to be welcoming a newbie to the fam?!




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