Fifteen and a half weeks – the one that involves a torch

2 Nov

I’m sixteen weeks along on Friday and am getting quite excited that I might be able to feel the baby move soon. In the last couple of days I’ve felt some new feelings in my belly, which may very well be muscles twitching or something, but I’m very hopeful that they might be tiny, little baby kicks – only time will tell I guess. Nevertheless a funny situation occurred last night, and I’ll leave it to Zanne to describe it via her current Facebook status:

Last night Shan thought she might have been feeling the first flutters from the baby. To encourage it to move we tried a surprise ambush – I covered Shan’s belly with a blanket, turned on the torch and, when the baby least expected it, I tore off the blanket and shined the torch right into her stomach. The baby didn’t move. And now, before it is even born, our baby knows it Mumma is kind of a tool.”

(The torch was involved because we had read that the baby can sense light now and if you shine a torch at your tummy the baby is likely to move away from the beam).

You have no idea how much I laughed – both at the time and also when I read this on Facebook. We’re a pair of nuts. Our poor child.



One Response to “Fifteen and a half weeks – the one that involves a torch”

  1. tattoomummy November 5, 2011 at 6:21 am #

    It sounds like you probably are feeling movements.So exciting! x

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