Wedding anniversary # 2!

26 Oct

Two years ago we were in Vancouver, Canada smiling our faces off and getting all prettied up for our totally-legal-in-Canada-but-not-in-Australia-which-is-ridiculous-because-we-are-both-Australian wedding.

Check out our wedding video here.

The fact is, baby, I like you

I like you the way I like black jeans and converse

Like coffee in the morning and all day breakfast

Like a new playlist turned up loud on our car stereo

Like a belly laugh following your interpretive dance

I like a gazillion, like as big as the sky


We go together like a fat kid and cake

Like fish and chips, like a pirate and booty

Like rock and roll, like nacho and Sunday

Like magnets and fridges – I’m stuck on you


So on this, our day of days, I’d like to make you a few promises:

I promise to always laugh at our jokes

I promise to always let you fall asleep on me in front of the tv

I promise to always stock our home with cordial

I promise to always help you find the remote, your wallet, your keys, your phone…

Most of all I promise all I wanna do is grow old with you

‘Cause all I need is your love, love, love


One Response to “Wedding anniversary # 2!”

  1. tattoomummy October 27, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    I had a little bit of a tear at your wedding photos. ❤

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