Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen weeks – let’s go perkiness!

18 Oct

Something cute (if you ask me) to begin… At eleven weeks I fell asleep on our couch like this:

Which to me means that my subconscious has finally realised that I’m preggo. My hormones have definitely caught up because this photo is so beautiful I choked back tears – not because of the fluorescent belly but because of our two hands and the baby in-utero. You know what I mean.

At twelve weeks we had our scan, officially known as the “twelve week scan”. It was amazing and fabulous and… amazing. We heard (and saw) ourtinydancer’s heartbeat for the first time, not to mention little arms, legs and a nose! They were a wiggly worm through the whole ultrasound but of course I can’t feel them moving yet – cannot wait for that! They measured just over 6cm and the Doctor put us in the extremely low risk category for chromosomal issues – in fact she burst into the room following the scan and declared “this is one healthy baby!” Well, with that endorsement we had no choice but to make our announcement to the world – the real world, not just the internets.

We told workmates in person but made a broader announcement on Facebook (of course). We received over 100 comments between us and for days felt as if we were caught in our own little bubble, wallpapered with smiling faces and All You Need is Love on repeat. It was overwhelming and beautiful. Ours is one lucky baby to be receiving so many good vibes from all over the world. It’s so nice to finally speak openly about ourtinydancer, and it’s even better to stop talking about injections and cells and embryos and start talking about our baby. At my last blood test the nurse asked me “when is your baby due?” which certainly has a different ring to “when is your estimated date of confinement?” (which is the phrase our IVF Dr used) and it most definitely put a smile on my dial.

In between making our big announcement and the thirteen week photo above I got a virus. A full-of-snot-and-coughing-until-I-spew virus. I’ve never been more attractive – not. I didn’t get off the couch for most of last week but am back at work now, still a little congested and more than ready for the second trimester perkiness to begin. Annndddd go!

Meanwhile check out my awesome wife – not only does she bring me toast in bed every morning, cook our dinner at night and fetch me medicine when I’m sick but she also does home renovations on the weekends (my Mum was the stand-in helper this weekend seeing as, well, I didn’t really want to stand at all). This weekend she installed an extra kitchen cabinet and finished off installation of the rangehood. See, women really can do everything.

Peace out.


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