Ten weeks – Sleepy McSnackalot

27 Sep

Sleeping and snacking – that’s what it’s all about for me at the moment. Last week I dreamt of Top Deck chocolate (my childhood fave), so I promptly purchased a family block and ate it across the weekend (with a tiny bit of help from Zanne). Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my whole life – ie. both dreaming of food and eating a whole block of chocolate in a weekend. Today I’m thinking that particular block of chocolate must have had magic powers because I felt awesome on the weekend but yesterday and today I’m back to being tired and often queasy. Or maybe I really am allergic to work, which has been my suspicion all along.

Anyway, the snacking and/or pregnancy is starting to become obvious – I is lookin’ a fattie! I mentioned to our Dr last week that my clothes aren’t fitting anymore, she replied “that would be because your bowels are swollen”. Well, great, but that doesn’t account for my swollen face, boobs and butt! I’m looking forward to showing for reals so that I don’t just look like I need to visit the gym more often. Luckily no-one has mentioned the gym just yet (I would die!), but I do wonder whether my workmates have noticed this new heavier version of me. Meh, whatevs.


The enabler of my snacking is my perfectly lovely wife. Each day she brings me breakfast in bed, sends me off to work with a packed lunch and then cooks me whatever my heart desires (or whatever I can stomach) for dinner. As always she is effortlessly loving and supportive and, as always, I’m convinced we were made for each other. When Zanne is pregnant with our last baby she too can expect such royal treatment – and endless peanut butter sandwiches!

 In other news, we got a new car! It’s the first of many things we can tick off of our to-do-before-the-baby-comes list (our Barina just wasn’t going to cut it as a family car). Zanne has always wanted a 4WD, and since we like to make our dreams come true, we now have one – and she’s pretty freakin’ happy. So happy that I think she may even wash it on the weekends 😉


By the way, other items on said list include painting, paving, installing a bathtub, constructing a shed and building a deck – what’s that sound you ask? That’s the sound of us calling in every favour we possibly can to brothers, Dads, Uncles and anyone else with builder know-how. Surely the baby will get us extra empathy, but most importantly, free labour? I’m sure you’ll all hear about our many projects over the next few months.

Peace out!


One Response to “Ten weeks – Sleepy McSnackalot”

  1. Tattoomummy October 2, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

    Congrats on the car baby 🙂 we had a two door excel with dex, it was terrible!
    Ohhh and I remembered, peanut butter sandwiches was all I could eat in the mornings when I was pregnant with dex 🙂

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