Nine weeks – when peanut butter sandwiches cure everything

19 Sep

It has been weeks and weeks but, finally, a blog update woohoo! Why no writing? Well, mostly it’s due to my inability to think of anything other than when I might be able to get back to bed, as well as my current loss of humour (and you know how I like my blogs to be hilarious…).

So, what’s the craic? Well, two weeks ago I was sick with cold/flu/sinus and could take nothing but panadol to soothe me. I was totally miserable but thankfully was able to take most of the week off work in order to huddle on the couch and receive food and gifts from my wife and mother (I’m ridiculously lucky, I know).

All of my clothes are suddenly too tight (in fact I busted my pants zipper today – fabulous) and I’ve gone up a bra size. I now own a maternity bra. Already. Damn you giant boobs getting giant-er!

I’ve been feeling queasy on and off, most especially in the evening – although sometimes at 4am as well. But it’s nothing too major and I’ve happily discovered that peanut butter sandwiches cure everything anyways. The only other queasiness I’ve had is every time I try to think of boy names – what’s up with that? And why are boy names so hard to come up with anyways?

Lastly, here is the exciting part… wait for it… our baby WAVED at us today! Waved! With its tiny little hand – our baby has HANDS AND FEET, people! It’s, like, a real baby now 🙂

Today was our last appointment with our IVF Doctor. It was weird saying goodbye to her, not just because we’ve spent so much time with her over the past couple of months but also this: “thanks for getting us pregnant, see you when we were ready for our next baby”. Weird. Anyways, our Doc was again very happy with ourtinydancer’s progress. Tiny is now 30mm long, has hands, feet, a spine, an umbilical cord and a strong heartbeat according to today’s scan. Our Doc says that Tiny’s lovely growth is the best indication that all is well. I love me some positive news, especially when I’ve just seen my unborn baby wave their hand at me!

That’s all for now, I’m tired (only 5 more hours ‘til bedtime!).


2 Responses to “Nine weeks – when peanut butter sandwiches cure everything”

  1. Lil- Going Left September 20, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    Yay! What a beautiful picture! Glad your doing ok lovely, been thinking of you guys 🙂 cant wait to see belly pics… *virtual annoying belly rub*

  2. Tattoomummy September 27, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    So gorgeous. Xx

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