Babes in the Wood

11 Aug

Last Saturday Zanne visited some garage sales – which is her favourite thing ever – and picked up some children’s books to add to the library we’ve started for our children (who currently don’t exist). I came across this book in the pile:

Having never read Babes in the Wood I flicked through it quickly – that is, until I noticed something was a bit off. Then I read it slowly and carefully, then read it aloud to Zanne, then recounted it to my brother the following day… Seriously cannot get over the inappropriateness of this book. Have you all read it? No? Well, allow me to give you a summary.

In the story a little boy and a little girl have lost their parents due to illness and go to live with their Uncle (very sad).

 The Uncle only wants the children’s inheritance so hires two ruffians to kill them in the nearby wood (very effed up).

 The ruffians have a falling out and the “milder” of the two kills the other. He takes the children to the wood and, instead of killing them, he leaves them there promising to return with bread (yay?).

 No-one comes back for the children and they die alone in the woods (wtf?).

The only good characters in this book, apart from the murdered babes of course, are the birds in the woods that lovingly cover the dead children with leaves – I mean seriously you guys, dead children?! Who would read this as a bedtime story to their little ones??? IT’S FREAKY AND WEIRD!

This babe is very perplexed.


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