the one where I almost fainted

9 Aug

This past Sunday was our baby nephew’s Naming Day. Zanne played the part of “celebrant”, while my youngest brother and I were asked to be godparent/guardians/mentors/VIPs. A Naming Day is not something Zanne and I would consider for our (currently fictional) children, but I have to admit that when my brother and sister-in-law asked me to be a godparent my chest filled with pride and love and happiness – or maybe that was my chest filling with more hormones, not sure (seriously IVF, what of these growing boobs?!).

Zanne wrote a beautiful ceremony and took care to include details such as a hope jar for Landen and certificates for all the godparents – very impressive for my “big picture” girl. I was exceptionally proud of her, and very grateful to Kris and Shana for including Zanne in the most perfect way (if you knew Zanne, you’d know what I mean). Now, if only I could remember the ceremony…

Don’t worry, I wasn’t drunk. Nope, instead I had some sort of almost-fainted episode that included tingling arms, sweating, loss of colour and inability to speak – all during my poetry reading while 50 people watched on. What timing! Here’s hoping that on the video footage (yes, someone was filming the whole freakin’ thing) it simply looks like I lost my place or got emotional or something. I managed to stay upright and did not actually faint however I can’t really remember much of what went on unfortunately.

I called my Doctor’s office yesterday about the weird almost-faint. I was told it could be a number of things, including a side effect of the hormones I’ve been taking. I was all “no worries” when really I was all “just tell me it’s a sign that I’m pregnant!” Stupid trickster hormones!

Aren’t these pics adorable? Such a handsome boy – such a lovely round and fuzzy head. Little Landen had a tough birth and rough first few weeks, accordingly Zanne and I dubbed him Lando the Brave. Judging from his emerging personality though we might have to re-dub him Lando the Shy. He was quite overwhelmed with all the noise and activity of Sunday, and he was crying in a lot of the photos we took of him. Poor kid, but his Dad was the same when he was little. I find it interesting that shyness might be an innate element of his personality – I mean, he’s only 5 months old so he could hardly have learned that behaviour. Babies are fascinating. I want one. No kidding, I hear you say.


We’re here today to celebrate the arrival of Kris and Shana’s first born child and to give him a name in front of all of their friends and family. By giving a child a name, we give them power and this is the name he will carry proudly through his life.

Kris and Shana, what name have you chosen for your son?

Landen Steven

Landen Steven, welcome to the world, welcome to the family and welcome to the community within which you will grow and learn.

Kris and Shana, as Landen’s parents, you have the responsibility of raising Landen into adulthood. Do you promise to take joint responsibility of Landen?

Do you promise to keep Landen safe, to care for him, shelter and protect him, love and support him and help him grow into independence?

Do you promise to respect Landen as an individual and help him to develop his own thoughts, opinions, beliefs and values?

Do you promise to influence Landen by good example so he learns right from wrong, truth from dishonesty?

Will you help Landen to take his place as a useful and caring member of this community and help him to appreciate all that is good and worthwhile in life?…


And we all lived happily ever after.


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