FET – round two (the one with the large plate of snacks)

31 Jul

Hey, it’s Zanne.  Most of you peeps who read Shan’s lovely blog don’t know us. If you did/do, you’d know we’re usually pretty chill, relaxed, easygoing kinda ladies. We’re the kind who say things like “sweet as”, “no worries” and “she’ll be right”. During the last round of FET we were not those people. We were the wretchedly overwrought “OMG-my-sense-of-smell-is-heightend-and-I’m-not-even-doing-IVF-but-that-means-you’re-pregnant” kind of people. We talked incessantly about the baby we just knew was in there and every tickle in the tummy was another cell growing. And after all that – we weren’t pregnant. It was upsetting. What good are instincts if you can’t tell the difference between them and ‘really-really-wanna-believes’?! After an afternoon of feeling blah, we committed to going again and this time we would do things differently.

We’re now about 36 hours past our second FET and so far we both feel good. We haven’t really talked any more about the baby than we would normally ie. talking about things we’ll do with our kids/pointing at cute outfits etc. We’ve not discussed the FET in any great detail and we haven’t agonised over feelings or instincts or signs. We’re playing it cool in the hope that the embryo will think we’re really rad and decide we’re the kinda parentals they might like to take on a play date one day. Also, we figure we don’t wanna put too much pressure on the little dude to be anything it’s not ready to be. Just grab on and hold on little one!

Our FET yesterday was our best experience with Queensland Fertility Group so far. Our doctor is amazing, but my opinion of the rest of the Group has been really quite average. The number of times we’ve walked in there and not even received a ‘good morning’ or a smile definitely outweighs the times they’ve been polite. But yesterday, we had the BEST nurse we’ve come in contact with yet. She was so perky and lovely from the minute we walked into the hospital it was contagious. She made us feel at ease and as it was a Saturday (and she was the only nurse on) she was with us through the whole process – signing in, getting changed, doing the deed, after-deed care.  

The FET itself was interesting. Shan is uber-shy and doesn’t like being the centre of attention. So take her pants off, stick her on a table with her legs open and surround her with a chatty bunch of people, including a guy, and you can imagine her awkwardness. Her voice got kind of high and she giggled when asked questions. Things got especially awkward when the doctor said she’d wait a minute for Shan’s bits to calm down after they put the speculum in and the doctor, nurse and male scientist enjoyed a jovial conversation about the art of putting on and taking off casts. I know they were trying to pass the time with chatter (as though shan’s vagina wasn’t even there), but I spent that minute looking between my wife and the clock wishing for her sake that the second hand would get a move on. It finally made it’s way around and the guy brought in our embryo. Everyone was stoked with our embryo – 7 cells and a rating of 5. Our doctor was especially psyched and said she’d never seen a 7 cell-er before. The nurse raved about our chances and the scientist said “I’d put money on it”.  

We went out to the waiting room and the nurse brought us over a plate piled with biscuits and cheese and a coffee for Shan. Again, an over-abundance of kindness that we’d never experienced with the nurses before. She then spent about 10 minutes showing Shan how to inject the Pregnyl, which she’s been put on this cycle. It’s just 3 injections within the week and helps with the lining of the uterus. We were sent on our way with lots of smiles and a very sincere ‘good luck’.

We spent the afternoon doing one of our very favourite things – sitting with our tattooist while he worked on my sleeve design – and finished off with a walk by the water and pizza for dinner. It was a day that we felt good and positive and in no way anxious about. Fingers and toes our tiny dancer felt the same way.


4 Responses to “FET – round two (the one with the large plate of snacks)”

  1. Sara August 1, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    “We’re playing it cool in the hope that the embryo will think we’re really rad and decide we’re the kinda parentals they might like to take on a play date one day. ” LOL! With that sort of cool thinking, she/he will definitely want you guys as parents 🙂

    Fingers crossed from us too 🙂

  2. Nichola August 1, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    Thinking about you both! Fingers & toes!! Fingers & toes!!

  3. ourtinydancer August 2, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    Thank you both!

  4. 2aussiemammas November 29, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    We used QFG too! (At Pindara Hospital)

    Sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience, with the staff/vibe etc.

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