no amount of reggae

21 Jul

I’ve been nuts lately. Like, seriously nutso. I’ve been thinking of so many random things all at once and trying to plan so far ahead that I’ve made myself feel anxious and disengaged. It’s desperate times when no amount of reggae can relax you, mon. 

To stop me driving myself insane over incredibly important (read: not important and mostly unknown and out of my control) matters like the number of children we might like compared with the number of children that would comfortably fit in our small house/ when will we finally have a new car/ when should I go back to work after having our baby (that doesn’t even exist yet) / overseas holidays we should take with our children (as well as our non-existent children I daydream about our non-existent money), I’ve decided to fill my headspace with real thought ie. I’ve re-enrolled into my (external) Communications degree.

It’s about time I finished off this studying to be honest, and even though (because?) this is the third degree I’ve started I’m determined to complete it – even if it takes yearrrrrrrrrs. I’m looking forward to the start of the next study period; I’m happier when I have something to focus on and when I feel a sense of forward momentum. And, the truth is, not having a degree makes me feel somewhat vulnerable and limited – so hopefully this exercise in personal development will pay off. Also, I’ve come across a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Rights, which is now my ultimate goal – because that would make feel like a very accomplished and evolved person. Even though a sincerely accomplished and evolved person wouldn’t need a Graduate Certificate to make them feel so. But you know what I mean.

Nutso out.


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