IKEA, you saucy minx!

20 Jun

This weekend a simple trip to IKEA became an orgasm of home decoration. We were there to purchase an ottoman (which we did), but on our way around (and around and around) to the registers we were inspired by one of their displays, and so the project began. IKEA is tricky like that.

Essentially we used fabric as wallpaper – our photos show our improvised process. Since our home renovation experience last year we feel confident tackling/creating small DIY projects, and of course it helps that ability-to-operate-power-tools is part of our lesbian genetic code. We “practiced” on our bookcase on Saturday before we took on our office space on Sunday.

Cost for both projects:

Lamp – $11.99

2 shelves – $19.98

4 brackets – $10.00

Magnetic Board – $19.99

2 bookends – $9.98

Fabric – $70.24

Plus approx $15 for Pine and $5 for screws and nails (from Bunnings)

Project total – $162.18


We are in love with our new décor but, while too much of a good thing can be wonderful, it can also be, well, too much.

So enough is enough IKEA, you saucy minx! We are fools for you and cannot resist your functional and creative products. So that’s it, we’re breaking it off. We can’t trust ourselves not to fall for you again and again. This is unhealthy and one of us has to be the adult here. So don’t go breaking our hearts with anymore offers ‘cause we won’t be lured back to your dungeon of bliss and torture*. Adieu.


*for now


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