10 June 2011 – there’s always room for cake

15 Jun

I’ve worked at my current job for 2.5 years and most of those days have begun with morning coffee and conversation with my colleague Dor, who by now is one of my favourite people ever. We talk music, the arts, creative projects, current events, blogging – I feel like we’re cut from the same cloth: only she is more intelligent than I am, and has more life experience and perspective. Also we happen to be 30 years apart in age, which I often forget. Sometimes Dor talks of retirement and I selfishly think: But what would I do without you? Noone else here gets me! Which makes sound like a teenager and suddenly our age gap is obvious.

Dor has her own daughter, who also happens to be named Shannon, and I think that our first conversation may have been about that quirky fact. Dor now says that I’m her other Shan, which makes me smile because I think she’s cool. Seriously: she’s a woman who decided in her 50s that she would run a marathon – and did. She has a busier and more interesting social diary than I do and is unequivocal proof that ideas/inspiration/passion/zest/happiness don’t have to fade with age – they only fade if you let them.

Anywayyyyys, the point of my gushing is that Dor made me feel very special today because she baked me a beautiful chocolate birthday cake and led our workmates in a happy version of the birthday song. She also gave me some vintage fabric squares and the promise of a quilting lesson (I’m hoping to make a little play mat for ourtinydancer), not to mention Emmylou Harris’ new cd. Thank you again, Dor!


2 Responses to “10 June 2011 – there’s always room for cake”

  1. Bree June 16, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    HI Shan,

    Your mate Dor sent me over to see your blog. I’m her niece and I have 2 golden retrievers.
    Glad you enjoyed Melbourne, my hub and I were supposed to be there last weekend but our trip got delayed until July.

    She thinks you’re pretty cool too!


  2. Doreen June 16, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    Oh Shan…you have just made me cry…my days at work are enriched by you. Can’t wait for our quilting date. You have no idea how happy it makes me to come into your little office for a chat. Thanks for your gorgeous comments…not sure I deserve them all.

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