7 June 2011 – the (bitter) end

9 Jun

As mentioned here and here Zanne has been on the job hunt recently, due to very unforeseen circumstances. Well, yesterday she smashed her (government) interview and was offered the job on the spot. She starts the new job Thursday and finished the previous one today.

My darling has been very good to her employers during her term there: she has a great work ethic, a positive attitude, not to mention clients who followed her and brought their business to the agency. The business reaped all of those benefits of course, because that’s how it goes.

So what did her employers* give her on her last day? Nothin’ but a handshake, people. Didn’t pay for her lunch or buy her a drink or make a speech or give her a gift. Nope, NOTHING! And then, I hear from her colleagues that one of said employers appears to have a moral issue with Zanne and I doing IVF – apparently his reactions on a number of occasions have made it pretty clear. Said employer happens to be Christian, not that there’s anything wrong with that (I beg your pardon if you follow me on Twitter, cos I’ve already ranted about this over there). I’m not going to get into a debate about religion and sexuality but I will say that I was angry. Woah was I angry! And sad, and a range of other emotions which I explained to Zanne by using the f-bomb.

Everyone has a right to an opinion of course, but this unhappy loser? I’m done with thinking about this now, I believe in karma so I know he will get his. Whatevs. It’s just a shame that Zanne had to deal with that bs on her last day. Speaking of karma, did I mention that her new job makes about 20K more than the previous one? Holy buckets of money!

*We’re talking a small business with 3 bosses (Ali has the majority share). When I say employers I mean the 2 guys in this instance, not Ali. She is wonderful and fair, and is a good friend of Zanne’s. We continue to hope that she will pull through – she has been in ICU for 4 weeks now.


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