Good old fashion egg hunt

31 May

My poor wife has been exhausted lately, especially this last week. She’s found it hard to focus at work and has been ready for bed at 8.30pm on several occasions – very, very unlike Shan. The doctor confirmed this is a common side effect. Apart from the tiredness and a constant headache, Shan hasn’t had any other side effects so we’re grateful for that. But still, I know it’s been hard for her to sit at a computer when all she wants to do is lay down. Baby making is so much fun, huh?!

So.. we had an appointment with the doctor a couple of days ago, Thursday to be exact, and she said that because Shan’s estrogen levels were a little high we might have to do the nasal spray trigger instead of the injection. The nasal spray helps to decrease estrogen levels and would hopefully prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which she said was possible since Shan’s eggs were growing so well. But she said it was just a possibility and that we would plan to use the needle. With the needle, Shan would inject at 8pm on Sunday night in preparation for egg collection at 9am Tuesday morning. Then on Thursday the Dr would put a healthy embryo back in. et voila – Friday we’re knocked up!

We were convinced everything was going to continue to go perfectly, so we were surprised when the doctor called on Saturday and told us that Shan would have to do the nasal spray as her levels had continued to rise so quickly. Which means that we go in for egg collection as planned, but they’re put on ice and we use a frozen embryo next cycle. Honestly, we were both disappointed. On the one hand we knew that Shan’s health and our future baby’s health came above everything else. But on the other we were deadset convinced that things were going so great, and Shan was feeling so great, that it was all going to go as planned this week. So we were bummed. It didn’t help that we were walking into Toys R Us to check out bassinets at the time.

But after a night’s sleep I was feeling a lot better, and I think shan was feeling a little better. What’s one month in the grand scheme of things? And right now I just want to lock down my new work arrangements and get into a pattern with my freelancing work so when Shan is pregnant we don’t have to worry about anything except that. I know my wife just wants to be pregant so I think it will be a long month for her. I’ll try to keep her preoccupied.

It’s 5.20am and we’re due at the hospital in 2 hours. Shan will go under general anaesthetic for about an hour and the doctor will retrieve the mountains of eggs my super-wife has produced. She should be awake a little after that and we can go home around 1pm. I’ll let you know how we go!

Zanne x


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