11 May 2011 – highs and lows

12 May

Today was a day of extreme highs and lows. We spent the morning with our IVF crew, our high gained more momentum with each appointment and each positive “sign”. But last night was something else: Zanne’s boss collapsed in the early evening and is now on life support. She is single and lives by herself and it is just lucky that Zanne’s workmates had called in to see her quickly about a few work-related things – the girls had to give her CPR. The hospital was pretty scary, the Drs couldn’t tell us anything really: they don’t know about damage to her heart or  brain just yet. She was stable when we left her last night, sedated and on life support. I know it’s selfish but on our way home I couldn’t help reflecting how lucky I am that I am not alone.


3 Responses to “11 May 2011 – highs and lows”


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