I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

7 May

This morning we rode our bikes from home to brunch. And it was way more beautiful and much more fun than the former sentence suggests. Imagine sunshine, clear skies, a glistening Moreton Bay, and a pair of Repco bikes from the 70s – not to mention smiling, giggling and hand-holding-while-cruising-along-on-the-flat-parts. Bliss! We’ve lived here since the end of last year and I can’t believe we haven’t pumped up the bike tyres been for a bike ride sooner. We live only 200m from the beach and the Peninsula is surrounded by bike paths – shame on us! It was a comfortable 20 minute bike ride from home to brunch and I was delighted to point out a few landmarks tied to my childhood (Suttons Beach, site of many a Sunday bbq breakfast) and share some memories – including the time Mum took us to the beach at Margate during school holidays and my little brother, who was around 6 yrs old at the time, broke the car key in the door and we had to wait hours for Dad to rescue us with the spare key – there were tears and sunburn that day! I hadn’t realised how many childhood memories involved this area and I remarked to Zanne that it’s funny how things come full circle. We high fived again for choosing such an awesome place to raise our future family and let the parenthood daydreams flow. I felt warm and fuzzy all day as a result of our beautiful morning. Weekend bike rides are now a weekend must if you ask me!


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