7 May 2011 – garage sale love

7 May

Knowing my wife’s love of garage sales, and bargains generally, our friends’ gave us a hot tip this morning about a garage sale in their neighbourhood. I’m pretty sure Zanne’s heart exploded when she saw all those lovely vintage clothes – and their price tags! We left the sale with a garbage bag full for a meagre 50 bucks baby! We couldn’t believe it – 12 pieces of clothing, a handbag and 11 National Geographic magazines for just a fitty. I can’t wait to mix up my work clothes next week with some of our vintage finds!


2 Responses to “7 May 2011 – garage sale love”

  1. Liss May 8, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    Oh my! I am SUCH a garage sale fiend. My hubby hides the Saturday paper sometimes when he gets a tip off I might like to look for something! (I know, mean!!?)but I go mad for old cook books/magazines and china/teapots and serving trays.

    Next time, I want a fashion show!

    • ourtinydancer May 9, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

      Actually my wife had quite the garage sale addiction for a while there. At one stage we ended up with a lot of random, unmatching chairs – it was a case of 2 girls, a little cottage and a whole lotta chairs. It was funny really.

      What kind of old magazines do you like? We can keep an eye for you – you never know what you might find at a g-sale!

      Oh yeah, a fasion show next time for sure!

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