curtains, not doors

2 May

Due to a miscommunication with our builder, we ended up with no wardrobe doors in our home. It turns out custom wardrobe doors are very expensive, so we decided a while ago to make curtains instead – at least we can change them up when we’re tired of them. On Easter Sunday afternoon I set up my sewing machine, turned up the reggae and got to work. Quite magically I had managed to get the measurements accurate for both rooms – considering my poor math skills, I was super chuffed with myself! I made the curtains for our wardrobe very quickly, sewed two hems back-to-front and had to unpick them and start again, didn’t worry about all those threads on the edge of the crooked hem. The curtains for ourtinydancer’s (read: our future baby) room though were a different story: I folded the hem twice and ironed it flat, carefully completed a zigzag stitch with the correct tension, and ironed the curtains before hanging them. They are beautiful. The room is currently used as Zanne’s music room, as well as for storage, but it feels nice to have the curtains there as a bit of a glimpse into the future.

**NB. The curtains for our wardrobe were a bit too plain white so over the weekend I spray painted some gold lightning bolts on them. They didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped to be honest, but it’s the journey, not the destination, that counts right?


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