22 April 2011 – good indeed

27 Apr

Out of context today’s pic looks a bit strange – it’s actually one of the treadmills at my local gym. I’ve been participating in an interval-type jogging program for the last 3 months (care of a random site on the internets) so that I can hopefully reach my goal of 10kms by September. I was shocking to begin with, struggling to jog 2kms. I’m still pretty shocking – slow pace, hurting all over, face like a beetroot – but I’ve managed to work up to 5kms now. For a kid who skipped all her school sports carnivals, this is a big deal.


One Response to “22 April 2011 – good indeed”

  1. Doreen April 28, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    Very admirable, Shannon..Proud of you!

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