18 Apr

This is my new/latest blog. It was one of my goals this year to keep a journal but it turns out I’m not capable of writing with a pen anymore. So back to blogging I go. My wife and I have kept a joint blog before, and I blogged while travelling years ago, I enjoy the process. The most simple action would have been to dust off the ol’ joint blog however she ran into a snag some time ago when a few acquaintances became avid followers (read: stalkers) and reviewers (read: had lots of opinions about us). New blog, clean slate (–> everyone is entitled to an opinion of course, but too much drama turns me off and tunes me out).

My blog will be like any other. It will be about life, stuff and nonsense. It will be about capturing the moments I don’t want to forget, recording inspiration, being alert and engaged, attempting to articulate. The difference is that it will be about the story of us – me, my wife and, hopefully very soon, our tiny dancer (read: our future child). There will be endless mention of our future child/children, so brace yourself. I’m unashamedly ready to be a mother, and if pushed I’ll cry about it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Shifting it back… In addition to the journal goal, and without the boring financial ones, here are my/our 2011 goals:

  • health – balanced diet and regular exercise –> run the Bridge to Brisbane fun run in September
  • read at least one book per month
  • be creative – art, music
  • go camping once a month – hiking!
  • buy new car
  • begin the baby making!

There’s nothing earth-shattering on there (except for the baby!), in fact some of the goals were on last year’s list, but we both find it quite helpful to have points of focus… And I love lists.

Signing off today with a quote from my wife:

“baby, you have a chin like Reese Witherspoon”

(which is almost as good as another recent quote “you know that guy who sings that song who is the son of someone” – oddly, I did know who she meant – Shawn Mullins, Lullaby, no idea who his father is)


One Response to “new”

  1. ZM April 21, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    you’re amazing x

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